Power Update #5—September 2018

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Dear Tribe,

Q4 is upon us. This last quarter, we’ve been hard at work making preparations for our Synergy Alpha as well as the Open Electricity Market (OEM) in Singapore. We were particularly active on the speaking circuit this month, spreading the Electrify word far and wide. Here are the updates and highlights from September:



 Synergy Alpha

 Business Goals:

  • Onboard Prosumers and Consumers onto the Synergy platform
  • Demonstrate P2P energy trading capabilities between Prosumers and Consumers
  • Allow Prosumers and Consumers to access customizable dashboards to view their energy production and consumption plans

Current Development:

  • Enhanced both the Front-end User Interface and User Experience in Synergy Alpha
  • Developed the foundation of a recommendation engine that considers the consumption patterns of a Consumer and matches that with a Producer’s Generation Profile
  • Enhanced critical transactional capabilities such as how Consumers purchase Power Plans, how they make Payments, and how Producers and Consumers can monitor their Energy Production and Earnings graphically
  • Enhanced our operational and support capabilities such as the ability to quickly deploy our PowerPod and view its status graphically as well as to monitor critical health statistics visually. We have adopted key frameworks for logging and visualization, as well as implemented ChatOps with the ability to be alerted on anomalies on Slack. We are also developing intelligent pattern-based recognition capabilities to enhance the detection and exclusion of anomalies in our data readings


Business Goals:

  • Enable consumers to create their Electrify accounts, search for retailer plans, and enter into a contract with a selected retailer
  • Enable retailers to create and manage power plans

Current Development:

  • Completed the development of Marketplace OEM and Final User Acceptance testing. We are now technically ready for launch and can go live once a suitable date has been identified


Business Goal:

  • Execute an Airdrop to qualified wallet addresses

Current Development:

  • Completed the development of the Smart Contracts for Airdrop and tested them in a public blockchain test environment



The latest two episodes of Current Affairs introduce us to more members of the Electrify family. Episode 6 features Clarence and Aldryn, our Senior UX Designer and Software Developer respectively. The two tell us more about their work on Electrify’s Marketplace as well as share some quirky facts about themselves. Episode 7 presents Shi Ning and Alexia of the business team, who discuss the state of the energy market in Singapore and the opportunities for Electrify’s existing local business. We would also like to inform our viewers that we will henceforth be pushing out Vlogs on a quarterly basis instead of bi-weekly, and will supplement these updates with other content pieces.



This month saw the launch of the Singapore Week of Innovation & TeCHnology, or SWITCH, a conference of conferences hosting some of the most prolific profiles and exciting exhibitions in the tech and entrepreneurship space. Organised by the National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG), SWITCH aims to promote innovation, investments, and technology transfer in Singapore and the region. Martin, our tireless COO, was invited to speak at two partner events, the inaugural Deep Tech Summit and Empiricon, a sustainability-themed conference. At the Deep Tech Summit, Martin spoke on a panel alongside Joseph Lubin, Founder of ConsenSys and Co-Founder of Ethereum. They exchanged ideas on how blockchain can contribute to the evolution of Internet 3.0.

Martin at the Deep Tech Summit (top) and Empiricon (bottom). Electrify represent!



Slingshot, an Australian-based corporate accelerator, has partnered with the University of Newcastle to launch the Icon Regional Accelerator Program for early stage startups. Martin was one of the guest speakers in this program to talk about peer-to-peer energy trading as well as his experiences with founding Electrify. We are always keen to share our knowledge with students and budding entrepreneurs; it’s our way of paying it forward, having received so much support ourselves.

Martin at the Icon Accelerator Program, a collaboration between Slingshot and the University of Newcastle



Martin then took to the stage at the Blockchain Solutions Asia Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to talk about changes in the energy space with the advent of frontier technologies like blockchain and AI. Never a moment’s rest, as we continue to put ourselves out there and increase awareness of our project.

Martin giving his pitch at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center



This month we welcomed with open arms Chai Jing, our IoT and Hardware Solutions Lead.



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