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Dear Tribe,

Electrify is constantly evolving to keep pace with the myriad shifts in the blockchain and energy space. We are pleased to unveil our new roadmap which has been updated to reflect our latest progress and development goals:



Q2 2018

Our revised timeline fast-forwards to Q2 of 2018, shortly after the conclusion of our ICO and the successful launch of our Commercial & Industrial Retail Electricity Marketplace in Singapore. In this quarter, the Minimal Viable Product for our IoT device, PowerPod, was completed. PowerPod is essential for the capturing of smart meter data to process trading and settlement. In the months ahead, our tech team will continue to test and enhance the device’s capabilities.


Q3 2018

In Q3 (where we are at the time of writing), we have begun the Alpha phase of Synergy, our peer-to-peer energy trading platform. The Alpha takes place in Singapore and features our PowerPods, which have been installed in the premises of local Prosumers and Consumers to track energy data in real-time. Concurrently, we have started identifying research and academic partnerships for the development of our Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) track, which will ultimately enhance the capabilities of our Synergy platform. This quarter also saw the launch of our ELEC Airdrop, to be completed by the end of Q4.


Q4 2018

Things ramp up significantly in Q4 with the launch of the Open Electricity Marketplace in Singapore, in which residential households will finally get to contract with the electricity retailers of their choice. Electrify will provide the online marketplace for these households to make informed choices about their energy plans. Further, throughout this quarter and the next (Q1 2019), we will be collecting signals from our PowerPod devices as part of our data acquisition phase for future AI/ML functionalities.


Q1 2019

With the learnings from our Alpha, Synergy Beta Phase will begin in the first quarter of next year and will open up to additional Prosumers and Consumers for final testing. We will provide more details in the months to come as we wrap up the Alpha.


Q2 2019

It’s all hands on deck and full steam ahead in Q2 with the launch of Marketplace 2.0 and Synergy. Additionally, we will begin the profiling of our customers and their energy portfolios using the data acquired from previous test phases. This quarter will be the electrifying culmination of the research and hard work over the last few quarters.


We hope this new roadmap provides greater clarity of our ambitions going forward. Get excited, and stay tuned for more updates!

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