Power Update #9—January 2019

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Dear Tribe,

Happy new year and lunar new year! We give you the first update of 2019:




Business Goals:

  • Onboard producers and consumers onto the Synergy platform
  • Demonstrate P2P energy trading capabilities between producers and consumers
  • Allow producers and consumers to access customizable dashboards to view their energy production and consumption plans

Current Development:

  • Concluded Synergy Alpha and commenced development on Beta
  • Developed a proof-of-concept for the backend algorithm optimizing producer earnings and consumer savings
  • Created smart contracts for storing PowerPod readings and the subscription contracts between a producer and consumer
  • Developing frontend and backend APIs that integrate with the backend algorithm and contract-matching engine


Business Goals:

  • Enable consumers to create their Electrify accounts, search for retailer plans, and enter into a contract with a selected retailer
  • Enable retailers to create and manage power plans

Current Development:

  • Enhanced the platform to support OEM Zone 2 rollout on 1st Jan 2019
  • Successfully onboarded another retailer in our Marketplace for Open Electricity Market

 Blockchain Research & Development

Business Goal:

  • Research, develop, and test blockchain solutions to ensure that they meet our product and technical requirements.

Current Development:

  • Installed OmiseGO’s Plasma chain as a docker container. Conducting tests for functionality and scalability to determine readiness for integration with our platform



Our upper management recently met with members of the TEPCO team for an intensive two-day workshop where we debriefed them on our recently concluded Alpha, took them on a tour of Electrify’s premises where we demonstrated our P2P capabilities, and discussed further commercial opportunities. With TEPCO’s stamp of approval and the encouraging results following the conclusion of Alpha, we feel confident and ready to take on Beta phase.



More than a hundred sustainability entrepreneurs converged on this year’s launch event of the Liveability Challenge, a global competition for sustainable technology solutions organized by Eco-Business. The theme for 2019’s Challenge is Energy and Circular Economy. Martin was invited as a guest speaker to talk about how business and technology can play a part in tackling the world’s most pressing problems. Also present at the launch was Dr. Michael Maniates, head of Environmental Studies at Yale-NUS College, who gave a rousing keynote speech exhorting the audience to build solutions that would not only solve the physical problem of climate change but also nurture qualities that would allow people to become more resilient in times of turbulence.

Martin as one of the guest speakers for the launch event of the Liveability Challenge 2019



Last year, we announced a partnership with Streamr to integrate our PowerPods with their decentralized data marketplace. Here are the first fruits of our collaboration as shown on Canvas, where you can see electricity generated in real time. We have enabled the pushing of producers’ PowerPod per-minute data to Streamr’s Marketplace as well as created a product listing on it. The goal of this integration is to eventually allow Electrify users to own and monetize their consumption and production data.



On January 10, our very own blockchain developer, Anjana Jayaweera, spoke at the Colombo Blockchain Developers’ Meetup in Sri Lanka. The session brought together many developers who were keen to learn more about the blockchain scene and Ethereum’s progress. Anjana gave a hearty introduction to Ethereum 2.0, Plasma, and his work at Electrify. Way to represent the tribe, Anjana!



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Thanks for sticking around. We believe 2019 will be an even better year for us as we continue to #BUIDL. Till the next update!



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