The Vanguards: 2018 Prestige 40 Under 40 — Changemakers

August 8, 2018
The Vanguards: 2018 Prestige 40 Under 40 presenting movers and shakers who have made their mark on industries from tech...
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Hong Kong is an ideal candidate for homes and businesses to sell renewable power to the grid, says energy trading start-up Electrify

July 23, 2018
Electricity consumers can have the freedom to choose how the unused power in their homes and factories should be resold...
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Turning On Power Disruption

July 23, 2018
Power generation is about to face a significant makeover. New digital startups and inventors are finding new ways for everyone...
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Disruption, Regulation and Funding: Startup Stories from Beyond Blocks Summit Seoul

July 22, 2018
Beyond Blocks Interviews: Disruption, ICOs, and Having Realistic Goals StartupToken is an accelerator specializing in blockchain startups. CEO Yacine Terai spoke to...
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Electrify’s Martin Lim: Trading Main Grid Energy With Smart Contracts

July 21, 2018
Electrify is looking to expand across Asia and beyond. Martin talks about some of the technical and relationship-building challenges involved,...
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ELECTRIFY ASIA COO Martin | Disrupting Electricity Market

July 18, 2018
COO Martin Lim talks about how Electrify wants to disrupt the electricity market.
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Singapore startup to bring ‘smart’ electricity contracts to Australia and Japan

July 13, 2018
SINGAPORE -- Local startup Electrify wants to expand into the Australian and Japanese electricity markets by using blockchain to cut costs for...
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Singaporean companies save 30% on electricity costs through the Blockchain

June 28, 2018
TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Singapore's Electrify is helping companies save big money on their electricity bills through their online transaction...
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How a 29-year-old is using blockchain and A.I. to cut energy bills by up to 25 percent

June 28, 2018
When Benson Wang discovered he could cut his business’ energy bills by 25 percent, switching providers felt like a no-brainer....
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Japan’s TAKE Energy Corporation Brings ELECTRIFY’s SYNERGY Platform and PowerPod to Kyushu

June 25, 2018
Jun. 25, 2018 (SINGAPORE) – Earlier this month, Japan’s TAKE Energy Corporation (TEC) entered into a partnership agreement with ELECTRIFY...
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